M.U.I. 2015 Model United Nations Team

Seventeen M.U.I. students were selected to participate in the 2015 National High School United Nations Conference in New York City. This 4-day conference brought together 38,000 students from 25 countries from around the world. Each school delegation was charged with the responsibility of representing a country about which they had to dialogue and debate, regarding some of the world’s most critical issues. The issues debated included human trafficking, global terrorism, and sustainable development in sub-saharan, just to name a few. Our students represented the great country of Haiti. Using the teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan as the foundation and primary basis of their research and position, our students were able to identify the root of world problems, represent their position with strength and conviction, while standing on the principle of justice. Our students wrote and were instrumental in passing many resolutions at the conclusion of this mock simulation. These seventeen students had the opportunity to experience first-hand, that with the Teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad as taught to us by The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, they are being well prepared and made very capable of being future leaders of a whole new world.


Martial Arts


Brother Celeritous is a black belt in VSK Jujitsu and an experienced trainer / instructor. He has many years of training students of all ages. The class will incorporates all the expectations and discipline of a more traditional martial arts class, but in a unique and fun manner for our students. The physical benefits are profound, as children practice kicking, punching, blocking, locks, stretching, running and jumping during each interactive class. In addition, his students grow emotionally and learn about respect, discipline, self-control, concentration and if necessary, how to properly defend self.


Visual Arts


Lead by Artist Just Flo nd Uneq'ka, Chaotic Culture is a team of visual and performing artists from Chicago dedicated to creating artistic content that speaks to the solutions of social issues. Their workshop / programs will implement the fusion of technology and art. They will work on such projects as mural creation, music and film production, Theater & fine art. They will explore the solutions to social issues using these mediums. Students may be given the opportunity to display their creative works throughout the community.


End of Trimester Performances
Coming Soon!



Performing Arts (Dance)


Brother Carl Muhammad & Sister Luewilla Muhammad are professionals and experts in their field and provide dance instruction all over the Chicagoland area and various parts of the U.S. Students (male or female) will learn learn Hip Hop, African-Carribean, Jazz and Modern Dance. The Zenith Dance Company will also incorporate theater & drama, african drumming, dance composition and much more. A culminating presentation is incorporated to give students the opportunity to showcase skills learned throughout the Zenith Dance Program. Zenith Dance Company instructors are trained and highly qualified with a wealth of dance education and professional experience.




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