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Take a look at upcoming school activities and events. 

Middle school student's dissecting a a shark in science class 

Schools’ Events and Activities

Saviours' Day Break

February 27- March 10, 2023

Enrollment for Fall 2023

Enrollment for the new school year begins June 2023. Click on the admissions page for details. 

Dollar A Day Til SD2023


First Day of SY2023-24


8th/12th Grade Graduation


Terra Nova Testing Week


Mother Tynnetta Muhammad Scholarship

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We are pleased to announce that the Mother Tynnetta Muhammad Scholarship application is now available (emailed) Please read the following requirements before requesting the scholarship application to ensure that you qualify to apply.  Then contact M.U.I. Chicago at 773-643-0700

  • Scholarships are to be awarded to sisters only.

  • Students who are 18 and older should be registered M.G.T.

  • Students who are 17 or younger should be the child of at least one registered believer. The child’s parent can be either a registered M.G.T., F.O.I., or both.

  • All students who wish to be considered for a scholarship must complete an application.

  • Applicants must be students that are currently attending Muhammad University of Islam, a school recognized by or affiliated with MUI, an approved homeschool, or the student should be attending college.


Lt. Khalil Muhammad Scholarship

Muhammad University of Islam is honored to be the custodian of such a prestigious scholarship named after a wonderful brother and worker in the cause of Islam, Brother Lt. Khalil Muhammad. This scholarship is for graduating high school brother students of registered members of the Nation of Islam. To learn more about the requirements or to apply, please email

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